Best Action Movies of 2018 So Far

If you are a diehard fan of action packed movies which are full of entertainment then this is going to be a very good year for you. People who just get excited by hearing the names of action heroes have been anticipating for some of the best movies, some of the stars include Jason Momoa, Tom Cruise and Dwyane Johnson. The moments of heroism are enough to make some people motivated to the things they always wanted to do. Here are some of the movies that you should consider watching next time you to the movie theatre.

If you are looking for a action movie that has impeccable screenplay, direction, and script, then Black Panther might be the film you would enjoy. It was rated positive by most of the critics as there are very few direction defects or acting faults throughout the movie and most of the movie is worth watching. The protagonist of the movie is shown an African king who leads a large group of power and faces strong opposition from an individual who turns out to be his father’s enemy. The film takes place in a futuristic world where people have access to high tech devices and appliances. If you are fan of 123movies and want to expand your sources of watching free movies then make sure to visit the website of Go Movies.

Accident Man is must-see movie if you have been following Scoot Adkins since his popular movie “Undisputed”. In his new movie the viewers get to see the humorous side of Adkins where he makes fighting with other goons look like a piece of cake. We get to see some major acrobatic moves throughout the movie where he becomes a hit man who is assigned special roles to execute his job.