Morehead City And Its Attractions

When people are planning for a vacation, they generally pick from two categories; water or cultural vacation but what if you could combine those two activities and get the best of both? Morehead City offers you exactly that and much more.

It is a port town where you can easily spend a huge chunk of your vacation and not get bored for even a second. There are many things to do in Morehead City and the best attraction is that there is something for every age group and gender so you do not have to worry that you or anyone from your group will find it dull.

Morehead City Waterfront

The first spot that we are going to recommend is the waterfront of the city because it is one of the favorite places of tourists. If you love the sight and sound of a port, you can walk around town looking at the port where you will be entertained by local and foreign water vessels going about their business. If you are more inclined towards enjoying the water hands-on then there are fishing business and diving companies there that can plan out your entire day with water related fun activities.

Jaycee Park

After you get done with the water activities, you should travel to Jaycee Park where your thirst for community spirit and local culture will be quenched. The park might look small but it hosts events like concerts, art shows and what not every week so you would have plenty to look at and enjoy.

The History Place

History Museum of Carteret County is the perfect spot for a history buff as it offers a library where visitors can research. The museum itself offers material on thousands of centuries worth of information about the local area.

The Benefits of Going to Ireland For Golfing

For many people, Ireland is not really a country that people associate with golfing. However, the good thing is that the golfing culture in Ireland is pretty good, and you should definitely go to Ireland in order to have the proper fun for golfing. With that in mind, there are some benefits of going to Ireland for golfing, and considering how not many people know about this, I thought this would be a good time to talk about the benefits.

So, if you are planning on taking the golf vacations Ireland, then now is the right time because in this article, I am listing down some of the benefits of going to Ireland for golfing. This is for all those people who just want to have a good time golfing in Ireland. So, without further ado, let’s begin, shall we?

Ireland is a Beautiful Place

The first, and perhaps the simplest to understand benefit is that Ireland happens to be a beautiful place. Whether you are going there just for business or leisure activities such as golfing, I can assure you that you are going to have a good time, and that is not something you can deny. If you are planning on going to Ireland, always keep this in mind.

Lots of Places to Play Golf At

Another benefit that you need to know about golfing in Ireland is that there are a lot of places to play golf at. Sure, you might be wondering that you can go to pretty much any country and have places to play golf at but I can assure you that the experience is a lot more different if you are doing it in Ireland, because of the country’s rich interest in golfing as a sport and a hobby.