Choosing Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most useful and popular styles of martial arts currently practiced around the world. It is a martial art that is based on grappling and fighting when on the ground. This has been a style of martial art that has caught popularity pretty quickly over the past few years and is now taught is many different martial arts dojos across America, particularly in dojos run by Gracie Barra, which are considered to be the people who popularized the art in the United States.

This type of martial art has a number of benefits over other styles of martial arts. One big benefit of learning Brazilian jiu jitsu instead of any other fighting style is that it is very useful in real world fights. For the average person, fights will never be like a kung fu movie. You will most likely just fight someone in a back alley where you throw punches then try and get the other person to fall. More often than not, the fight immediately goes to the ground and one person gets on top of another to try and punch them a few times. Brazilian jiu jitsu is the only martial art that will teach you what to do in a situation that the fight goes down to the ground, regardless of whether you are on top or on the bottom in the fight.

It is also one of the few types of martial arts that teach a person what to do when facing a person bigger and stronger than them. In fact this style of martial art is specifically designed to help you take down, grabble, and force in to submission, a person who is much larger and stronger than you. Hence it can be learned by any person regardless of body structure.