Is BMI The Best Way to Measure Health or Weight?

It is arguable. BMI only tells you the approximate amount of body fat present in your body based on the calculations on your weight and height and tells you what is suitable for your size. BMI was considered as the best way to find your health status, but more and more doctors are questioning its accuracy for the past few years now. It is because BMI can’t distinguish the difference between fat and muscles. It can put more toned people who tend to have more muscles than the average person into overweight category thinking that they have more fat because of its inability to tell the difference between fat and muscles.

BMI can tell all about how much fat there is in our bodies but it also can’t distinguish between the different types of fats. We all know that not every type of fat is healthy nor harmful. Belly fat is more harmful than fat inside our skins. BMI can even put thin people into the healthy category just because the inability of distinguishing between different types of fats and can often mistake harmful fats like visceral fats as healthy.

A double cheese burger with extra fries can sound like the best choice when starving but not that best to the fat levels in your body. We all know that the food on streets or the local shops don’t use fresh oil to make their food, the use of the same oil for multiple things multiple times is more harmful than you think. So it is time to stop ordering extra cheese pizza every night and it’s time to start eating healthy. So let’s not be lazy and just measure our health on Let’s book an appointment with our Doctors and make sure that we are getting the right treatment by a professional.