Root Canals: How They Help

If you have ever gone through any form of tooth ache, then you can understand how severe and crippling the pain can get. It is actually really difficult to live with a constant tooth ache, and it can affect not just your eating and drinking habits, but also your sleeping habits and overall lifestyle as well. Now, the most common cause behind a tooth ache is an infection, or most likely, a cavity.

If you managed to avoid getting your cavity checked, chances are that it most likely get worse, and then proceed to grow and spread. Once a cavity is left unchecked, it begins to affect surrounding tissue and then your entire teeth, and this leads to what we know as tooth decay. Once you have tooth decay, it can put the surrounding tissue, gum and even your bones as risk, and the best way to fix this is to get a root canal. When you are getting a root canal, your dentist in Jersey City, the pulp and the nerve of the tooth is removed, and then the inside of your entire tooth is cleaned, and then sealed.

The purpose of the root canal is to remove all infected and destroyed tissue, and then sealing it off by doing a filling so that it does not get infected again, and so that it does not affect any surrounding area as well. Once the root canal is a success, you can go back to your normal routine. Of course you will need to continue to visit your dentist after every few months so that they can continue to inspect the root canal and make sure that there are no complications or problems arising out of it. In order to prevent having to go through this, it is important that you maintain proper dental hygiene and have bi-annual visits to your dentist for checkups.