So Very Casually

The average individual is at a loss to explain just why vaping exists as a hobby. The truth is that vaping is far healthier than smoking, whether it’s tobacco or cannabis. When you smoke something, you light it up with fire, in other words combustion is involved. The material than continues to burn which in turn lets off fumes which we inhale. This is extremely unhealthy, and cancer is a constant risk when you smoke something like cigarettes. On the other hand, vaping has no combustion involved in it whatsoever making it the better choice and with it’s introduction many people who only smoke for the hobby have been able to quit smoking.

Since ignition was the best way for a long time to get certain chemical compounds to release, smoking was widely popular. Vaping takes combustion away by heating the material to its boiling point instead of using ignition. Dehydrating the buds allow them to release their chemicals without a fire getting started, so you have a better way to smoke both in terms for your physical and mental health. Vaporizing destroy almost all the chemicals that are involved in burning those buds and an e-nail is the latest technology to arrive in the vaporizing world.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of vaporizing is what it makes up for where smoking loses out. Once you’ve started a fire, it will continue to spread to wherever it can find fuel for its flames we aren’t smoking 100% of the time. We may be making small talk or even just exhaling the previous puff. The time it spends burning and we aren’t smoking boils down to a loss for us in terms of the activity whereas in vaping, we can utilize more than we tend to lose.