The Advantages of PTFE Coatings

If you happen to be unfamiliar with term PTFE, you might be familiar with the term Teflon instead, and that is because PTFE, especially PTFE coatings are most commonly found in our cooking ware, especially in our pots and pans since PTFE coating effectiveness happens to be amongst the best. This is because the properties of PTFE happen to be able to make it really suitable for cooking ware along with various other fields and industrial sectors.

Now, PTFE happens to have a number of features that happens to add to its advantages, and we will be elaborating on this further below.

  • PTFE coatings are very smooth, so they basically have no friction coefficient, this means that objects and substances do not have anything to hold onto or stop them from moving around.
  • The fact that PTFE happens to have a smooth or non-stick surface also means that items can easily slide around and be removed from their surface, making them very easy to clean, and hence very popular amongst home and professional cooks.
  • PTFE also happens to be a substance that is non-wetting or hydrophobic, this means that water cannot actually wet the surface, and it in fact, can end up collecting in puddles and slide off, which once again makes PTFE self-cleaning, and instantly easy to dry.
  • PTFE is chemically inert in nature. This means that it will not chemically react with any other substance when it reaches contact with, so, PTFE will not be affected by other chemicals or substances, allowing it to remain undamaged and unaffected for much longer.
  • PTFE happens to have a really high resistance to temperature changes, so even if it is exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures, it is not affected by it, and does not lose its shape or form.